Customer Marketing Summit

Master the craft of customer marketing: From customers, to advocates, to lifelong fans.

🗓 February 29, 2024

Virtual 💻

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Why attend Customer Marketing Summit?

💡 Bring new and innovative ideas to the table which can be tough when you’re stuck in the day-to-day grind. Break the mold and refresh the way you think.

🤩 Learn from some of the most innovative leaders and organizations in the space.

🖥 Take real-life case studies and successes back to your desk.

🧠 Pick the brains of customer marketing experts and get answers specific to you.

🍬 Pick ‘n’ mix from a broad range of topics to develop your skillset fast.

🤝 Connect with 1,000+ enthusiastic customer marketing peers online. Forge new relationships and grow your network.

What you'll learn:

❤️ How to prioritize your programs and get the most out of limited customer marketing resources

🤝 Drive growth through the development of regional initiatives to effectively manage global customers

📈 Develop scalable customer retention and lifecycle programs that demonstrate your value

🤝 Unlock the secret to effective cross-functional collaboration and stakeholder engagement

🔨 Use AI and the power of automation as an asset to your customer marketing and advocacy strategy

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My absolute favorite conference... one of the best summits you can attend. The relationships you build here will trump everything else you do.

VP of Customer Marketing
VP of Customer Marketing

at Influitive

The event’s been phenomenal, I think the most impactful thing is not just learning from other professionals, but also the networking opportunities that we have.

Sr. Director of Customer Engagement
Sr. Director of Customer Engagement

at F5

A lot of great tips. Some very strategic and some very tactical, and I really appreciate that blend. This is a great opportunity to build a network.

Head of Global Customer Advocacy
Head of Global Customer Advocacy

at PayPal

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Interactive workshop: Strategic dexterity - Tools for success in single-product vs. multi-product environments

29 February 2024, 05:00 PM

Cate Vanasse
Interactive workshop: The power of language - Using ChatGPT for customer marketing and advocacy

29 February 2024, 05:00 PM

Lauren Turner
No pain, more gain: Identifying and resolving customer pain points for optimal digital experiences

29 February 2024, 06:45 PM

Dr. Tiffany Knight Raymond, PhD
Intention in connection: Elevating initiatives through personalization and personas

29 February 2024, 07:30 PM

Mara Schoeppner Jen Salazar Hayley Handler

Learn from Google, Meta & Dropbox customer marketing leaders.

We understand the importance of why you need to stay on top of trends, understand what the experts are doing, and get ahead of the curve.

Customer Marketing Summit has been curated to do exactly that.

Get in a virtual room with industry leaders from across the globe... and become a customer marketing master.

Can't catch every session live? Watch them OnDemand.

With a CMA membership, you can catch up on every session from every online and in-person summit; past, present and future.

Plus, you'll get access to exclusive content, templates, frameworks, a mentorship community, and a whole lot more.

Want to find out which customer marketers to keep an eye on?

Introducing our list of 23 customer marketers to watch this year.

Some of these names we’ve seen before, and some are brand-new entries. A wide variety of management styles and industry backgrounds will provide you with some notable names to add to your network.

Download for exclusive tips, tricks, and predictions for the customer marketing future.

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